Free Pan-san the Panda amigurumi pattern

Who would’ve thought?

I’ve been baking bread.

Loads of it.

Bread is パン (pan) in Japanese. Which brings me to my brand new free amigurumi pattern:

Pan-san the cho-kawaii Panda! Tada!

He’s not your usual Panda of course, since he loves bread and butter and buns and brioche…

…and also anything remotely sweet and scrumptious.

He also has a secret love for unicorns.

And selfies.

Zen = Matcha = Pan-san.

Empty pantry = Not-so-zen Pan-san.

“Bake me something, okaasan!”

Find the FREE PATTERN designed in collaboration with Craft Passion here!

A glimpse of the tool I used:

I love this Marvel 8ply yarn from Spotlight!

Daiso has a great range of fluffy yarns!

Please enjoy making Pan-san as much as I enjoyed designing him for you 🙂






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