Free Easter amigurumi pattern: Haru-chan and baby Chioux

It’s been a year since we shared our first pattern, Sayo & Nara-chan. Easter is almost here again and this time, we have Haru-chan and her pet chick, Chioux, to join us for the celebration. Spring is Haru-chan’s favourite season of the year. She is a big fan of jelly-filled chocolate and cute little animals. […]

The Little Red Riding Hood and the Small Sweet Wolf

Did you grow up loving fairy tales like The Little Red Riding Hood? We sure did! In the world of amiguruMEI, Aka-chan and Ookami-chan are best friends who live in the woods, oblivious to the dangers that surround them. Nobody is born bad, Aka-chan says. “Certainly not baby wolves.” Indeed, Ookami-chan is as innocent as […]