Pandapple from Sanrio free amigurumi pattern

Make your own special edition rainbow Pandapple-chan! Materials 2.50 mm hook 1.75mm hook Similar sized yarn in rose pink, white, black, apple green, pastel pink, pastel yellow, pastel green, pastel blue Embroidery thread in black and white Darning needle Carpet needle (with large eye and sharp tip) Polyester fiberfill A small piece of pink felt […]

Eatzy Bitzy amiguruMEI picnic: Pandapple-chan!

Apple crisps, apple sorbet, apple pie and apple tini. Pandapple-chan loves apples! The りんご ringo lover is every doctor’s best spokesperson. To commemorate the super cute かわいい kawaii character, Meimoirs recently teamed up with Samantha Lee for a marvellous Eatzy Bitzy amiguruMEI picnic adventure! Check out the super-talented Samantha and her amazing world of charaben-making […]