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Dear Coraline

26 Nov

Coraline Jones is often curious and bored.

She hates it when people call her “Caroline”, which happens more often than not.

Her mischevious nature is based on Neil Gaiman’s Coraline, which was later adapted into a wonderful stop-motion film of the same name.

She is not one for dolls, but can’t help being attracted to a lookalike softie (with buttons for eyes) she found in the garden outside.

I love it when it rains!

That sure looks creepy, but I like it!

Halloween rocks!





Penguin-san, Penguin-san

19 Nov

Shirokuma-kun and Panda-kun’s close friend is Penguin-san, a black, white and yellow-tinted emperor penguin.

However, his whereabouts have yet to be sighted in the worlds of amiguruMEI.

{Shirokuma-kun and Tuxedo-san are having a chat about the weather}

Panda-kun: Penguin-san, Penguin-san!

Tuxedo-san: ???

Panda-kun: What are we having for lunch later?

Tuxedo-san & Shirokuma-kun: ???

Shirokuma-kun: Panda-kun, this is Tuxedo-san.

Panda-kun: Ehhhh?

Panda-kun: Why are you wearing a tuxedo today, Penguin-san?

Shirokuma-kun: Sigh…


Panda-kun and his panda obsessions

12 Nov

Panda-kun works as a cute part-time panda in a Japanese zoo.

While he errs a little on the lazy side, he enjoys being the centre of attention and is not afraid to admit how kawaii he can be from time to time.

Like Shirokuma-kun, he is one of the main characters in Aloha Higa’s Shirokuma Cafe (しろくまカフェ) manga and anime series.

He lives on a steady bamboo grass diet and is obsessed over everything panda.

amigurumei crochet fuzzy anime japan

Kawaii ne! (かわいいね)

amigurumei crochet fuzzy anime japan

Aaa! A panda shio (salt) bottle!

amigurumei crochet fuzzy anime japan

I wonder if they will throw me a sasa (bamboo grass) party tomorrow?

Here’s a clip from the beloved anime series:

Welcome to Shirokuma Cafe

5 Nov

Shirokuma-kun loves bad puns, and is the owner of an organic cafe in Japan.

His favourite customers are Penguin-san and Panda-kun.

The fuzzy polar bear is the star character in Aloha Higa’s Shirokuma Cafe (しろくまカフェ) manga, which was recently adapted into a super hilarious anime series. Also called Polar Bear Cafe in English, the show follows the every day of a group of animals and humans having a cuppa at the cafe.

amigurumei crochet fuzzy white anime
Irrashai… (いっらしゃい, Welcome…)
amigurumei crochet fuzzy white anime

My kuma (bear) collection…

amigurumei crochet fuzzy white anime

Jaa ne! (じゃあ ね, See you!)



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