amiguruMEI Contest Giveaway: Hello Kitty Crochet Snap & Share

Ohayou! Today marks the release of my book, Hello Kitty Crochet! Woohoo! I would like to give myself a huge pat on the back for surviving the wait…and to you too, if I could! Please allow me to say a big “THANK YOU VERY MUCH” (本当にありがとうございました) for all your love, patience and support — I couldn’t have done […]

amiguruMEI’s first giveaway!

こんにちは! (Greetings!) Welcome to amiguruMEI’s first giveaway do, in conjunction with Christmas and the spirit of giving, of course! We have five Sleeping Totoros up for grabs and the best part is, anyone can win! Taking part is easy – just visit Super Cute Kawaii, which is one of my favourite daily site haunts, and […]