Happy 1st ever International Amigurumi Day!

Happy 1st ever International Amigurumi Day!

Who would’ve thought, after all this time, that amigurumi had yet to have its very own special day?

The thought never even crossed my mind until I saw a message in my Facebook inbox from fellow crafters Marcia Scarpelli of Ami Arts and Bianca of Two Bee, inviting me to join them on this special adventure to mark April 25th as International Amigurumi Day! How wonderful and so, so exciting!

I immediately went on to pass the message on to some of my favourite crochet friends, (Annie of @anniegurumi, being the first), and I think we have more than enough people to be seriously excited about this event!

I hope you can celebrate this day with me too as the word “amigurumi” brings together so many memories and emotions — it has really changed my life ever since I started, I think almost 8 years ago!

And of course, I have to have a free pattern for you!

Please meet Strawberry-san, the berry-special girl with a surprise center that belies her squishiness!

The pattern will be shared for FREE on the Hobium blog, so please head over HERE to taste the cuteness!

The anthropomorphism feature in amigurumi has always kept me enthralled with the art and so I had to make my favourite fruit complete with a cute face!

I can’t quite remember now, but I’m pretty sure one of the main reasons I stuck with learning how to crochet and making amigurumi because I wanted to make a bunch of happy food plushies with cute faces and have them all sit on my desk. That, and a bunch of other Ghibli characters, of course (which I still haven’t gotten around to making, apart from Totoro and Kaonashi).

One of my favourite parts of making amigurumi is actually the “adrenaline-rush” I always feel whenever I get inspired and am about to start on a project. The yarn-choosing, the colour-picking — those give me the fuzziest feelings and it’s so, so addictive!

I wish to give a shout out also to all my fellow crafters and friends who have supported me so much over the years with your sweet words and encouragement, without you guys, I wouldn’t even dream of writing patterns and curating an instagram account dedicated just to the amigurumi craft!

Indeed, this is a very special day for me and I hope it is for you too! Happy 1st ever International Amigurumi Day!

And don’t forget to adopt little Miss Strawberry-san into your home to meet your other amazing amigurumi!