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Maffy and marshmallows

15 Oct


いただきます! (Itadakimasu!)

Meet Maffy, the super adorable marshmallow girl!

She loves all things あまい (sweet) and likes her だいふく (marshmallows) soft, smooth and いちご (strawberry) -tinted.



P/S: Maffy is a character by Tofu Oyako’s DevilRobots Japan.


Cheburashka arere

10 Oct

Cheburashka is a Russian character from a 1966 children’s literature.

The little creature, while looking like a baby monkey, is unknown to science.

His name means “tumbled” in Russian colloquialism, given to him by a crocodile named Gena after the cute little guy makes his first appearance by tumbling out of a crate of oranges.

crochet russian

crochet russian cartoon character


crochet russian cartoon character

Chiyo-chan: Ah, there you are!

crochet cartoon character

Chiyo-chan: Wee!

crochet cartoon character


Don’t miss the fabulous Japanese anime Cheburashka arere!

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