A walk in the park with Fifi Lapin

A walk in the park with Fifi Lapin

The world knows Fifi Lapin to be a socialite.

A bunny who won’t forgo style for substance, and fashion for form.

I wonder if she’ll take a brolly out in the rain, if it so happens to clash with her colours?

bunny amigurumei crochet
bunny amigurumei crochet
bunny amigurumei crochet

P/S A new free amiguruMEI pattern will be posted next week! See you then!

More awards for amiguruMEI

More awards for amiguruMEI

It has been a good four months since amiguruMEI first came on the WWW.

Recently our kind readers have nominated us for not one, but three fun blogger awards.

We were lucky enough to be selected for the Reader Appreciation Award by Craftgirl78 and Millie on her World, who both share wonderful amigurumi-related work on their blogs. Thank you so much for thinking of us here at amiguruMEI!

Millie on her World has also given us the Sunshine Blogger Award and the One Lovely Blog Award, together with Misty of Crochet in a Box, a mother-of-two who is great with nifty crochet work. Thank you, thank you for inspiring amiguruMEI to keep on striving for the best kawaii amigurumi craft work possible!

The rules of accepting the Reader Appreciation Award are:

  • Copy the award logo (above) to your site.
  • Publish a post nominating six of your favourite blogs (do include the links).
  • Let your nominees know that you chose them!
  • Say something nice about the person who nominated you. (And share their links too, of course!)

The rules of accepting the Sunshine Blogger Award and the One Lovely Blog Award are:

  • Thank the blogger that nominated you.
  • Share 7 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate other lovely blogs.
  • Notify them of their nominations.

Here are some fabulous blogs that we think are worthy of these awards!

All About Ami

Amigurumi To Go

Eatzy Bitzy


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Lily Moon

So Cute It Hurts



Now, 7 more facts about Meimoirs of amiguruMEI:

  1. She is an Instagram addict, who likes taking her pictures with sunlight streaming through the windows.
  2. She enjoys making videos of other types of crafts, and would post a new one up every 2 weeks (links available on the right).
  3. She is currently reading The Complete Adventures of The Borrowers by Mary Norton, in hopes of learning more about Arrietty, who appeared in Studio Ghibli’s Karigurashi (The Borrower Arriety).
  4. She is currently taking Japanese lessons. She hopes to revisit Tokyo, Japan one day soon, and watch all her favourite animes without the help of English subtitles.
  5. She is a big fan of Dexter and Fringe, but was sorely disappointed by the latter’s latest season developments.
  6. She has tried playing The Legend of Zelda theme via the Ocarina iPad app by Smule. A visually funny attempt, to say the least.
  7. She recently needle-felted her own Totoro book bag and was happy for weeks after.

Thank you once again to all our friendly readers for believing in us!

Marcelle of the circus

Marcelle of the circus

Marcelle is a fuzzy French elephant who likes, among other things, baby blue cotton candy.

For those who are often fooled by her sweet wooly demeanour, one must know that Marcelle was once a famous trapeze artist.

She has since left the circus, in hopes of finding greener pastures.

circus amigurumei crochet
prince amigurumei crochet
Panda Oji-chan: Please, can you draw me a sheep?
amigurumei crochet ghibli fox
Mei-chan: I love France! I’d dare say it’s the second best place to the Ghibli Museum!
cat crochet amigurumei
Komaneko-chan: Nyah! (A gift that looks just like you! Like it?)
ghibli cat prince fox crochet amigurumei
Say cheesu!

P/S Check back next week for a brand new amiguruMEI crochet adventure!




Mad Tea Party

Mad Tea Party

One day, Chiyo-chan got lost on her way back from school.

She walked and she wandered but her Granny’s home was nowhere in sight.

crochet kawaii child amigurumei
Chiyo-chan: This path looks familiar…
crochet penguin dog bear amigurumei
amigurumei penguin dog bear crochet
Tuxedo-san: Oh hullo little girl! Would you care to have some tea?
penguin crochet amigurumei
Chiyo-chan: Why sure! Do you have any?
penguin crochet amigurumei
Tuxedo-san: Erm…we have cake!
amigurumei crochet child
Chiyo-chan: Cake? What’s the occasion?
penguin crochet amigurumei
Tuxedo-san: Why it’s your un-birthday of course!
crochet penguin bear dog amigurumei
 A merry merry un-birthday, to you!
crochet amigurumei child
Chiyo-chan:…Where’s my cake?
penguin crochet dog bear amigurumei
Tuxedo-san: Erm…
penguin crochet dog bear amigurumei
Tuxedo-san: An apple a day keeps the doctor away!
japanese child crochet