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Mad Tea Party

5 Jul

One day, Chiyo-chan got lost on her way back from school.

She walked and she wandered but her Granny’s home was nowhere in sight.

crochet kawaii child amigurumei

Chiyo-chan: This path looks familiar…

crochet penguin dog bear amigurumei

amigurumei penguin dog bear crochet

Tuxedo-san: Oh hullo little girl! Would you care to have some tea?

penguin crochet amigurumei

Chiyo-chan: Why sure! Do you have any?

penguin crochet amigurumei

Tuxedo-san: Erm…we have cake!

amigurumei crochet child

Chiyo-chan: Cake? What’s the occasion?

penguin crochet amigurumei

Tuxedo-san: Why it’s your un-birthday of course!

crochet penguin bear dog amigurumei

 A merry merry un-birthday, to you!

crochet amigurumei child

Chiyo-chan:…Where’s my cake?

penguin crochet dog bear amigurumei

Tuxedo-san: Erm…

penguin crochet dog bear amigurumei

Tuxedo-san: An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

japanese child crochet



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