New amigurumi pattern: Mimi-chan the hedgehog

Hello! I’m sure everyone’s really excited about the release of Hello Kitty Crochet. Before Sept 16 comes around though, how about I interest you in something else first, say, a cute little hedgehog named Mimi? Mimi-chan (short for Ayumi) is a baby hedgehog who loves watching the autumn leaves fall. Her weakness? Sweet, ripe apples. She enjoys clambering […]

Want to review Hello Kitty Crochet?

It’s just a little over a month before our Hello Kitty Crochet book is released and we’re super-excited! Have you pre-ordered your copy yet? Fret not, you can simply head over to these convenient sites below. (We’re still waiting patiently for our advance book copy — otherwise we’d share a closer look!) WHERE TO PRE-ORDER HELLO […]