New amigurumi pattern: Mimi-chan the hedgehog

New amigurumi pattern: Mimi-chan the hedgehog

Hello! I’m sure everyone’s really excited about the release of Hello Kitty Crochet.

Before Sept 16 comes around though, how about I interest you in something else first, say, a cute little hedgehog named Mimi?

Hedgehog amigurumi

Mimi-chan (short for Ayumi) is a baby hedgehog who loves watching the autumn leaves fall.

Her weakness? Sweet, ripe apples.

Hedgehog amigurumi
Hedgehog amigurumi
*bari, bari* (the sound of munching in Japanese)

She enjoys clambering from tree to tree (when she’s not too heavy, that is).

Hedgehog amigurumi

No one has yet dared to tell her this: that her dreams of growing up to become a bushy-tailed squirrel is just that — a dream.

Hedgehog amigurumi
Ja ne! (See you!)


I had the pleasure of working with Craft Passion again to design this lovely hedgehog amigurumi pattern. (By the way, have you checked out Craft Passion’s hedgehog coin purse pattern? Totally adorable!)

The pattern is a fantabulous way to use up any fuzzy yarn that you have at home. Since you will be surface-crocheting directly onto the body piece that already has all the single crochets laid out for you, you should be able to see where you’re going 🙂

Feel free to give Mimi-chan a splash of colour! And when you do, send me a picture! 🙂

To make your own Mimi-chan, head on over to the fabulous Craft Passion for the FREE amigurumi pattern!


8 thoughts on “New amigurumi pattern: Mimi-chan the hedgehog

  1. Thank you Mei Li for designing and contributing this cute little hedgehog as the tribute to my sister’s pet hedgehog. I know you will come out with a fabulous amigurumi design and you have just proven it again!!!!

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