Happy 1st ever International Amigurumi Day!

Who would’ve thought, after all this time, that amigurumi had yet to have its very own special day? The thought never even crossed my mind until I saw a message in my Facebook inbox from fellow crafters Marcia Scarpelli of Ami Arts and Bianca of Two Bee, inviting me to join them on this special […]

Free Crochet Car Bag Pattern for Toddlers

Konnichiwa my dearest friends! If you’ve been following me on instagram @amigurumei, you’d remember that I made some shark bags for my boys using this amazing pattern by The Cookie Snob. My boys loved it to bits and would wear it whenever we took them out. Which also meant it got worn out very quickly […]

Free amigurumi pattern: Anpanman アンパンマンのあみぐるみ

As promised, it’s finally here! To all Anpanman fans, thank you for being patient with me. You can now make your own Anpanman amigurumi with my free pattern. Yay! If you don’t already know who Anpanman is, you must, must watch the Sore ike! Anpanman series! I recently watched the Sore Ike! Anpanman: Ruby no […]

Free Pan-san the Panda amigurumi pattern

Who would’ve thought? I’ve been baking bread. Loads of it. Bread is パン (pan) in Japanese. Which brings me to my brand new free amigurumi pattern: Pan-san the cho-kawaii Panda! Tada! He’s not your usual Panda of course, since he loves bread and butter and buns and brioche… …and also anything remotely sweet and scrumptious. […]

Happy New Year + Free Daikichi the fortune monkey amigurumi pattern

Hello 2016! A Happy New Year to all my fellow crafters! I know it’s been forever since I updated…if you’ve been following my Instagram…you’d probably know what I’ve been busy with for the most part of the year… I’m currently just four days away from delivering my twin baby boys! Things have been hectic what […]

New amigurumi pattern: Mimi-chan the hedgehog

Hello! I’m sure everyone’s really excited about the release of Hello Kitty Crochet. Before Sept 16 comes around though, how about I interest you in something else first, say, a cute little hedgehog named Mimi? Mimi-chan (short for Ayumi) is a baby hedgehog who loves watching the autumn leaves fall. Her weakness? Sweet, ripe apples. She enjoys clambering […]