Good evening, Mr Murasaki! (Free pattern included)

Good evening, Mr Murasaki! (Free pattern included)

amigurumi amigurumei

こんばんは! Please meet Mr Murasaki, who unfortunately, enjoys napping on the job.

The snoozing cutie is especially designed in collaboration with the amazingly-talented Joanne Loh of Craft Passion, who absolutely adores anything remotely owl-like.

And as for you, my friends, we’ve decided to share this super-kawaii amigurumi pattern with you! Just head on over to Craft Passion to find the pattern, detailed step-by-step photos included!

Working with Joanne has been extremely fun, and I look forward to having more collaborations in the future!

Psst: Mr Murasaki, who finds it exhausting to be around people, is a fan of few words. Nevertheless, his favourite phrase is ねむいな (Nemui-na) or I’m so sleepy!


amigurumi amigurumei
amigurumi amigurumei
amigurumi amigurumei

20 thoughts on “Good evening, Mr Murasaki! (Free pattern included)

  1. I made it for my sister’s baby boy and she found it very cute! Wish I could attach a pic of my version of Mr.Murasaki. Anyways thank you very much for the pattern 🙂

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