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Meet the Androids

1 Aug

Androids to the rescue!

Here’s a closer look at the Android dolls we designed for HTC Malaysia – cheeky little fellas, aren’t they?


Erm…can anyone give me a hand with this thing?


We come in peace!


Hola, como estas!


Go faster, will ya?


AmiguruMEI and HTC

1 Aug


Not too long ago, we were given the fun experience to work with HTC Malaysia on a super-cool project, first for the HTC One X+ and now, the spanking new HTC One.

We were given the chance to combine our amigurumi photo-taking abilities with the advanced photo features of the two phones (do check in on our Instagram to see our almost-daily posts taken with the amazing HTC One).

A video of our interview with the happy team at HTC is still available here.

Check out this cute stop-motion video of the amiguruMEI gang, written and filmed by a bunch of young talents (who were willing to give our fibre-filled friends their 15 minutes’ of fame!)

P/S A set of limited edition Android dolls were designed for HTC Malaysia, and given away as prizes for a slogan-writing competition 🙂







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