Amigurumei’s Top 13 Anime series

Amigurumei’s Top 13 Anime series

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Here’s Mei-chan with my prized Shirokuma Café manga!

A very lovely day to you all! As some of you might know, my amigurumi sessions aren’t ever quite complete without an anime series playing in front of me (and now that I know a teensy bit of Japanese, I can skip reading a few subtitled sentences and still get by alright).

Below, I’ve compiled a list of all the anime series that have tugged at my heartstrings. I’ve always wanted to share what I’ve watched so far and hopefully through this, I’ll get to hear a bit about what you’ve been watching yourself!

Ready? Let’s go!

#1: Nana


Awesome. Astounding. Unparalleled. Definitely my Number One.

#2: Bokura ga ita

bokura ga ita

Heartwrenching to bits!

#3: Honey & Clover

honey and clover

Beautiful visuals. Classic theme. A lovely watch!

#4: Kimi ni todoke

kimi ni todoke

Sweet. Charming. Romantic. Hits all the right spots!

#5: Lovely Complex


Funny, in a Kansai dialect kind of way!

#6: Paradise Kiss

paradise kiss

Detailed visuals. Superb soundbites. Downright cool!

#7: Kuragehime


A pleasant colourful watch full of nerdy-fun!

#8: Skip Beat!

skip beat

Clever acting scenes!

#9: Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai (Anohana)


Tissue alert!

#10: Another


A real shocker! Kept me on the edge of my seat throughout.

#11: Monster


One of the smartest series’ around. Love the book that was supposedly created for the anime. Read more here!

#12: Shirokuma Café

shirokuma cafe

Must. Give. In. To. The Kawaii-ness.

#13: True Tears

true tears

A refreshing take on the teen angst tale!

P/S I hope to add more in time to come! Would sure love to know about the kind of anime that has gotten you hooked!

Note: Anime stills were taken from various sources online.

Free Valentine amigurumi pattern: Tammy the tiny pup

Free Valentine amigurumi pattern: Tammy the tiny pup

amigurumei crochet

Have you met tiny Tammy?

The little pup is super shy when it comes to strangers but once she warms up to you, there’s no running away!

Her name is really short for Tamura and to her family members, she is Tamura-chan.

Like most Japanese, she can’t pronounce the “L” letter very well.

Her favourite phrase?

“I ruff you.”

Click here for the free pattern, designed in collaboration with Craft Passion.

amigurumei crochet
Ruff you!
amigurumei crochet
Ruff ruff!

P/S There’s still a few days more to go but anyhow, Happy Valentine’s everyone! Hope you’ll be kind enough to adopt tiny Tammy into your loving home. May your hearts be filled with love and joy on this spectacular day 🙂

Welcome, 2014!

Welcome, 2014!

amigurumei crochet

Come March, it’ll be two years since amiguruMEI first made its appearance in the blogosphere!

Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone for being so patient. It’s been a while since I last updated my posts but I’ve still been receiving encouraging comments from my fellow amigurumi lovers and crafters!

2013 was an exciting year for amiguruMEI – I took on several new projects and collaborations and that took up a lot of time. Hopefully, in the coming months, I will be able to share even more exciting news with everyone (and that includes free patterns, of course).

Secondly, let me share with you Mei-chan’s new look. For a long time now, I’ve been wanting to give her a new hat and so here it is! I must admit though that she doesn’t look too different, but it’s a good change nonetheless. Mei-chan, contrary to popular belief, isn’t a bear or a bunny. She is a cute little pink fox (though no one could ever say that they’ve seen her real ears) who is still a big fan of Totoro and anything Studio Ghibli-related.

In the following picture, we have Mei-chan and an image from her past – the beautiful crochet hook pouch was made by a dear friend of mine, Lynn, who had gone on a sewing frenzy not too long ago.

amigurumei crochet

It even has our name(s) on the back!

amigurumei crochet

With Mei-chan as the leader of the pack, I hope to share more exciting characters and stories with you, as they are told in the world of amiguruMEI.

Stay tuned!

Paw Paw the toy horse

Paw Paw the toy horse

amigurumei crochet
This sure is shaped like a genie’s lamp…


In light of Chinese New Year, I’d like to wish everyone Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Please meet Paw Paw, a squishy-soft toy horse who dreams of becoming a real horse one day.

Longing to have a bite out of an apple, or perhaps a juicy bit of carrot, Paw Paw believes that if you wished for something hard enough, it may just come true.

One day.

amigurumei crochet
Will all the money and gold in the world help make Paw Paw’s wish come true?
amigurumei crochet
Until that day comes…