Festival Amigurumi with Maja the Forest Fairy

Festival Amigurumi with Maja the Forest Fairy

My dearest friends…do you believe in fairies?

I must admit, I was a curious child, a fairy-seeking type of child, if you must. Always on the lookout for a little tiny door etched ever so faintly on a tree trunk, or by the hidden side of the walls.

I believe in fairies, and I love bringing the magic of fairies to “life”.

If you’re anything like me, perhaps you might be delighted to meet my newest friend, Maja the Forest Fairy.

Maja is my contribution to the #FestivalAmigurumi organized by The Sewing Box Magazine and @gallimelmas.

The festival starts today!

For the first time this year, the magazine is bringing together all my favourite designers from around the world, and together we’ve each worked on a pattern to be included in the Festival Amigurumi digital pattern bundle.

This very special bundle is now on sale, and will only be available for purchase from July 5th till July 10th.

One price, over 30 patterns all in one go. For a limited time only.


If you believe in fairies, I would like to invite you along on a magical journey…a path that leads to the realm of Maja the forest fairy. Along the way you will come across talking cats (@anniegurumi), a penguin with a hat (@lemonyarncreations , a girl with the heart of a cherry (@kurumitoys) and so many more!

I am so excited to be a part of this amazing event! For more details, you can see my Instagram stories and my Instagram posts. I will be sharing more on what other exciting patterns are included in the bundle.

A warm thank you to my friends at Hobium Yarns for sponsoring the lovely La Mia Linen Cotton for this project!


maja the forest fairy by amigurumei

*A portion of the price paid for the bundle will go back to all the designers who participated in this event. Thank you so much for your love and support!