The one you’ve been waiting for: Free Cinnamoroll amigurumi pattern

The long-awaited Cinnamoroll pattern is here! Many of you have asked about this character, which made an appearance in the Welcome to Sanrio Land! page in the Hello Kitty Crochet book. Cinnamoroll was originally cast as one of the many stars of the book, but was later left out so that we could make space […]

Free amigurumi pattern: Anpanman アンパンマンのあみぐるみ

As promised, it’s finally here! To all Anpanman fans, thank you for being patient with me. You can now make your own Anpanman amigurumi with my free pattern. Yay! If you don’t already know who Anpanman is, you must, must watch the Sore ike! Anpanman series! I recently watched the Sore Ike! Anpanman: Ruby no […]