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Little Red & Baby Wolf in the Forest

15 Sep


For those who can’t get enough of Aka-chan and Ookami-chan, be sure to look out for Simply Crochet magazine’s Issue 10, coming soon — yes, we’re in the magazine again!

In the mean time, enjoy this great introduction to the kawaii duo: another cool stop-motion made by the amazing Simply Crochet team!


The Tako-Yaki brothers

15 Sep


Have you met the Tako-Yaki brothers?

The bear siblings love seafood and they love it raw (sashimi notwithstanding).

They’re great at swimming and love a good challenge when it comes to chasing after funny looking fish.

On a good sunny day, you may just catch them suntanning by the river, or up in the trees snacking on nuts.


I smell seafood…


I need a good tan…

P/S amiguruMEI’s original Tako-Yaki patterns can be found in Issue 07 of Simply Crochet Magazine. See if you can spot the cuties in the pictures below:


tako yaki bear brothers amigurumi crochet amigurumei

Birthday girl

2 Sep

Hey there everyone!

Please excuse us for the longest absence ever — something super-exciting is currently in the works, and that’s taking up almost all of our time (I promise to share more when I can).

By the way, have you met Satsuki-chan? She shares the same birthday as I do, and is a little darling inspired by a Hersberry illustration.

She is never without her cobalt-blue bag and cool red boots.

Her favourite pastime? Splashing about in rainwater puddles. But if that’s not an option, well, staying indoors is fine too, but ONLY if there’s a Japanese handicraft book or two to be read.

satsuki-chan amigurumei amigurumi doll

Rain rain come again…

satsuki-chan amigurumei amigurumi doll

Drats. I still don’t heart a drizzle…

satsuki-chan amigurumei amigurumi doll

Maybe it’ll rain tomorrow…

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