Free pattern: Sayo and Nara-chan Easter Macaron Bunnies

Sayo and Nara-chan have always dreamt of seeing more of the world. This year, they’ll finally get a chance to do so. Nara-chan’s fantabulous macaron-baking skills have won them two free tickets to Perth, and just in time too for Easter. Why the sad faces then, you may ask? Well, the bunnies are in fact […]

Sidetrack: Ukulele + Amigurumi + MTV

Tomorrow is Malaysia Ukulele Day! The ukulele is a miniature contraption that goes plunketty-plunk. Made popular in Hawaii, the craze for the toy-like instrument died down when the guitar rock-and-roll phenomenon arrived. In recent years however, more and more people have been giving up on the guitar in favour of the ukulele because it’s apparently […]