Obsessions Part 1: The Moomins!

Obsessions Part 1: The Moomins!

Happy sweet Sunday!

Today, we’re taking a break from it all and I would love to share a series of posts on my “obsessions”.

(This was something that I had planned to share a while ago, but never got the chance to what with so many things happening at once 🙂

So do bear with me as I present you Obsession #1: The Moomins!

Moomin amigurumi by amiguruMEI

I’ve had an eye out for The Moomins ever since I caught a few episodes of the cartoon on TV many years ago. But it was not until I visited Sweden in 2012 that I went full-blown Moomin-crazy! (alas, the obsession only hit me when I returned home so I did not make one single Moomin purchase in all the Moomin-packed souvenir shops in Stockholm!)

So slowly but surely, I’m hoping that my collection of Moomin stuff will grow. I’ve since bought a couple of Moomin T-shirts off the racks of generous Uniqlo 🙂

I hope to one day visit the Moomin Café in Tokyo, Japan! Read more about the fabulous place here 🙂

By the way, have you tried making Little My from our amiguruMEI Little My amigurumi pattern? Share a photo if you have!


Moomin amigurumi by amiguruMEI

Moomin amigurumi by amiguruMEI

Moomin amigurumi by amiguruMEI


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