Marcelle of the circus

Marcelle of the circus

Marcelle is a fuzzy French elephant who likes, among other things, baby blue cotton candy.

For those who are often fooled by her sweet wooly demeanour, one must know that Marcelle was once a famous trapeze artist.

She has since left the circus, in hopes of finding greener pastures.

circus amigurumei crochet
prince amigurumei crochet
Panda Oji-chan: Please, can you draw me a sheep?
amigurumei crochet ghibli fox
Mei-chan: I love France! I’d dare say it’s the second best place to the Ghibli Museum!
cat crochet amigurumei
Komaneko-chan: Nyah! (A gift that looks just like you! Like it?)
ghibli cat prince fox crochet amigurumei
Say cheesu!

P/S Check back next week for a brand new amiguruMEI crochet adventure!





8 thoughts on “Marcelle of the circus

  1. oh just noticed you have you tube too. Just watched one of them…so cute…will watch the rest later. Keep up the good job. Can’t wait for more creations from you.

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