Penguin-san, Penguin-san

Penguin-san, Penguin-san

Shirokuma-kun and Panda-kun’s close friend is Penguin-san, a black, white and yellow-tinted emperor penguin.

However, his whereabouts have yet to be sighted in the worlds of amiguruMEI.

{Shirokuma-kun and Tuxedo-san are having a chat about the weather}
Panda-kun: Penguin-san, Penguin-san!
Tuxedo-san: ???
Panda-kun: What are we having for lunch later?
Tuxedo-san & Shirokuma-kun: ???
Shirokuma-kun: Panda-kun, this is Tuxedo-san.
Panda-kun: Ehhhh?
Panda-kun: Why are you wearing a tuxedo today, Penguin-san?
Shirokuma-kun: Sigh…



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