Eatzy Bitzy amiguruMEI picnic: Pandapple-chan!

Eatzy Bitzy amiguruMEI picnic: Pandapple-chan!

Apple crisps, apple sorbet, apple pie and apple tini.

Pandapple-chan loves apples!

The りんご ringo lover is every doctor’s best spokesperson.

To commemorate the super cute かわいい kawaii character, Meimoirs recently teamed up with Samantha Lee for a marvellous Eatzy Bitzy amiguruMEI picnic adventure!

Check out the super-talented Samantha and her amazing world of charaben-making on her blog, Eatzy Bitzy. It was a real treat working with her!

More charaben-amigurumi collaborations coming soon!

crochet cute kawaii apple
Ichi, ni, san…
crochet cute japan kawaii apple
Ta da!
crochet cute kawaii apple
We love Pandapple!
cute kawaii food
Ja ne! (See you!)

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