Say Nyah! (Komaneko)

Say Nyah! (Komaneko)

Komaneko lives in the attic of a sweet little cottage on top of a hill.

She loves a good adventure, being the curious little creature she is.

Her current obsession? Balls and balls of yarn.

cat amigurumei crochet
cat amigurumei crochet
Nyah nyah!
cat amigurumei crochet

P/S: Komaneko is based on a Japanese character created by Tsuneo Goda, who won the award for best short film at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in France for a work featuring Domo-kun, the crazy-cute monster mascot of Japan’s NHK television station. Komaneko was initially a five-minute animated work designed to introduce stop motion at an exhibition (Koma means frame; neko means cat). Being the phenomenon that it is, the character was later developed into a full-length feature film.

When Meimoirs first stumbled across a Komaneko video, she wanted to rush out and buy a Komaneko something (anything!). Incidentally, Komaneko shares certain characteristics with Mei-chan, like a love for making her own dolls. Check out these super-kawaii videos below and let me know if Koma-chan isn’t the most adorable kitty you’ve ever seen!










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