Molang and some rice balls

Molang and some rice balls

Ahn-Nyeong Hah-Seh-Yo!

Meet Molang, the kawaii but grumpy fat rabbit from Korea!

While lettuce may be his favourite food, he’s not at all opposed to nibbling a corner or two of onigiri from time to time.

Meimoirs recently teamed up with Samantha Lee of Eatzy Bitzy for another charaben + amigurumi picnic adventure and had loads of fun witnessing the magic of rice being transformed into tubby little bunnies!

crochet bunny
Can I have some kimchi?
crochet fat bunny
Can I have a bite?
crochet fat bunny
Ugh…can you help me get up?
crochet fat bunny
Make-up time!

P/S Free amigurumi pattern for Molang will be out next week! Yay!


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