Chiyo-chan’s Simply Crochet magazine debut

Chiyo-chan’s Simply Crochet magazine debut

お久しぶりですね! (It’s been a long time!)

We’d like to share a snippet of amiguruMEI’s collaboration with Simply Crochet Magazine in the UK.

Little Chiyo-chan was selected as an amigurumi feature of the month and boy, were we excited!

A big thank you goes out to the wonderful team at Simply Crochet, who made a cute video of Chiyo-chan here.

Stay tuned for more fun collaborations, the most recent of which is a never-before-seen amiguruMEI pattern, now available in Simply Crochet Issue 07!







6 thoughts on “Chiyo-chan’s Simply Crochet magazine debut

  1. that’s funny, I looked at the cover and nothing caught my attention… then suddenly I spotted this little guy in the corner and fell in love !

    And then this week I discovered Amigurumei and fell in love again… and now I’m realizing it’s linked 🙂
    so funny !

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