Thank you to all who came for my book signing!

Yay! My Hello Kitty Crochet Author Showcase and Signing appearance at Kinokuniya, Suria KLCC was a tremendous success! My books were all sold out that day, and I got to meet so many new friends, and also had a mini reunion with some of my relatives, ex-colleagues and high school mates (and even my bosses from work)!

Here’s a snapshot of my mom, sis and little niece before the people started streaming in! The event was supposed to start at 2pm, but when I began setting up at 12.45pm, I suddenly had Hello Kitty enthusiasts coming up to the table to enquire about the book! (some tiny fans even took to “re-arranging” my dolls for me!)

hello kitty crochet book signing

A big thank you to Kinokuniya for allowing me to run the show, and even put up a TV to play my stop-motion animation on loop! I got my good friend Kenneth to help with “hosting” the session to make things more interesting from a non-crafter point of view 🙂

hello kitty crochet book signing at kinokuniya

hello kitty crochet book signing at kinokuniya

A friend also came in full Hello Kitty gear (aprons, bows and stuff) and everyone thought she was the “mascot”! Thank you so much to Joyce for spicing things up for all those who came!

hello kitty crochet book signing

hello kitty crochet book signing at kinokuniya

I really didn’t expect that so many people would show up! It really made me feel like a celebrity for the day, and I even received a small gift (a sweet needle-felted bunny) from a fellow crafter!

hello kitty crochet book signing at kinokuniya

I only wished I had more time to speak to everyone. The line was really long (a good thing that is!) during the book signing so it was all I could do to speed things along. Hopefully, I managed to spend an equal amount of time with everyone. Send me a mail if you want to continue talking! 🙂

hello kitty crochet book signing at kinokuniya

hello kitty crochet book signing at kinokuniya


To those who took the time to come meet me on this special day, thank you so much! I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did 🙂

hello kitty crochet book signing at kinokuniya

hello kitty crochet book signing at kinokuniya

It’s been a dream come true for so many people around the world to own a piece of my work. My book is now Number 1 on Kinokuniya’s Bestseller list, so technically, I’m a bestselling author!

やった! Here’s to greater things to come!


P/S These pictures were generously taken by my friends Raymond Ooi, Evonne Loh and my hubby too 🙂



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  1. Hello Mei, I received your book as a Christmas gift and have already finished Hello Kitty. I am having a little trouble finding the brads for te cheeks. Can you recommend where I might find them? Thank you so much for the book, it is adorable and very easy to follow the patterns. I have also had several requests to make HK and Chococat for gifts 😉

      1. Thank you for the suggestion. I actually did find them at Joanns (a local fabric/craft store). I have made three Hello Kitty’s, Chococat and Purin as gifts for my friends. They love them so much and I enjoy making them.

  2. Great pictures!
    I will be publishing my first amigurumi from your book shortly!

    I wanted to ask you… the Hello Kitty in these pictures is much bigger than the one in the book… right?
    Will you be publishing that pattern?


    1. I was looking at that too. I wanted to know how to edit the pattern in the book, to get a bigger Hello Kitty.

      1. Hi Mary Jo, yes, I thought about that too… but I think that there is a different pattern… if you look at the pictures you can notice that the amigurumi is (pattern wise) bigger

  3. I have purchased your Hello Kitty and friends crochet book, but I am having difficulty in understanding how to make them. Could you do a video of making them or illustrated instructions please.

    Thank you.

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