Giveaway alert: Help me win the fantasy design contest by and you win too!

It’s a special occasion and ONE lucky winner will get to win one of my original Amigurumei dolls! Yes a real doll — not a pattern!

I’ll tell you why:

I recently participated in my first ever amigurumi design contest (the fantasy-themed amigurumi design contest hosted by and the voting is now open (till Dec 10th) to see who comes out tops!

I’ll definitely need your help to win! All you need to do is vote for my entries and you’ll be eligible for this giveaway!

To enter:

  1. Vote for my six entries HERE:
  2. Send me a screen capture that showcases the votes you’ve just made. (The pop-up after you’ve voted for 10 designs.)
  3. Tell me which doll (as shown in this post) you would like to win in a comment on my Instagram @amigurumei and tag a friend whom you think would like to win too!

Winners will be selected at random.

Contest closes on Dec 11 2017.

The giveaway is open internationally!

For the full details, please refer to my Instagram @amigurumei

Here are my six entries:

Mori the bee fairy


Suzue the narwhal princess

Yoshi the abominable snowbaby

Aya the baby angel

Haruka the magical unicorn

Nori the merbaby


Please help me win by voting here!



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A writer/wanderer who loves the whimsical-cute!

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