The travelling soot

11 Mar

Spirited Away is one of Meimoirs’ favourite films. The 2001 Oscar-winning Japanese anime draws its inspiration from an Alice in Wonderland-like world of whimsiness, introducing us to countless multi-faceted characters.

In one of the scenes, the susuwatari returns for a cameo – the tiny, black critters first appeared in My Neighbour Totoro and were known as dust bunnies or soot sprites. The name “susuwatari” literally means “travelling soot”.

They exist on petite rainbow-hued Japanese sweets called kompeito, a type of thank-you-for-coming gift by the Imperial House of Japan.

soot sprite dust bunny amigurumei crochet ghibli spirited away

They don't call us travelling soot sprites for nothing! Now turn off the lights before someone sees us!


amigurumei soot sprite ghibli spirited away



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