The big mix up

The big mix up

In the previous post, we touched briefly on the Totoro character.

To be more precise, there are three kinds of Totoro: the large grey Totoro, which is about 1300 years old and seven-feet tall, the medium blue Totoro, which is about 600 years old, and the tiny white Totoro, which is about 100 years old. It seems that as Totoro grows, he sprouts arms and whiskers, and changes colour in the midst of it all.

In amiguruMEI’s world, the big fuzzy Totoro has yet to be sighted in the flesh.

Until now that is, according to Shiro-toro-chan, the white Totoro.

blue white totoro amigurumi crochet ghibli
Ao-toro-chan (blue Totoro): What do you mean you just saw Totoro-chan! Are you sure?


blue white ghibli amigurumei crochet
Ao-toro-chan: Ok, ok I believe you. Let's follow after him then!
blue white grey totoro amigurumi amigurumei crochet ghibli


amigurumei blue white grey totoro crochet
Mei-chan: Huh?
blue white grey totoro amigurumei crochet fuzzy ghibli
Mei-chan: Quit it.
blue white grey totoro amigurumei crochet fuzzy ghibli
Ao-toro-chan: Can she blame us?

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