Merron-chan goes green

Merron-chan goes green

Merron-chan is four and loves the colour green.

While she’s too young to know anything about saving the environment or things like recycling just yet, she has a heart of gold, and is a cheerful girl of sorts, always on the lookout for sunbeams and white clouds.

She has yet to see a forest, or a tree house for that matter.

Just what kind of grown-up would she grow up to be?

crochet girl amigurumei
What do trees taste like?
crochet girl amigurumei
Are all buses this pretty?
crochet girl amigurumei
Are meadows just as soft?
crochet girl amigurumei
If it’s green…could it be grass-flavoured?
crochet girl amigurumei
I love sunshine and moonbeams!

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