A closer look at mama hen and baby chicks…

A closer look at mama hen and baby chicks…


Amidst the yarn, hooks and baskets of crafting tools, this is what my life looks like now.

Christmas morning, every day!

These pictures were taken by my dear friend Samuel Ong about a week before Christmas 2016. Every year, Sam goes around looking for cute and cuddly talents to pose for his Christmas project and I made it to the list thanks to the twins!

I just realised I haven’t had the time to share updated photos of my growing-too-fast boys, who just turned one last month!

So before I forget to make another post, here are more photos of us 🙂


No Jacob, don’t eat the giftwrap!


Jacob is still trying to eat the giftwrap…


No Joshua, don’t tear the gift!



jacob-n-joshua-8Quiet at last…

jacob-n-joshua-2I said NO….

jacob-n-joshua-1I give up…

*The top photo made it into The Star main news page on Christmas Day 2016. The boys were also baptised on the same day! Double blessings, for sure 🙂


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