Little Red & Baby Wolf in the Forest

For those who can’t get enough of Aka-chan and Ookami-chan, be sure to look out for Simply Crochet magazine’s Issue 10, coming soon — yes, we’re in the magazine again! In the mean time, enjoy this great introduction to the kawaii duo: another cool stop-motion made by the amazing Simply Crochet team! Advertisements

Free Sleeping Totoro amigurumi pattern

Ohayou! Awhile ago, we organised our very first Sleeping Totoro amiguruMEI giveaway. Due to the numerous requests from amigurumi and Studio Ghibli lovers around the world, we’d like to share this original pattern with you, so you too can make your own kawaii Sleeping Totoro! The pattern is easy enough for beginners, and the end […]

Chiyo-chan’s Simply Crochet magazine debut

お久しぶりですね! (It’s been a long time!) We’d like to share a snippet of amiguruMEI’s collaboration with Simply Crochet Magazine in the UK. Little Chiyo-chan was selected as an amigurumi feature of the month and boy, were we excited! A big thank you goes out to the wonderful team at Simply Crochet, who made a cute […]

Free Easter amigurumi pattern: Haru-chan and baby Chioux

It’s been a year since we shared our first pattern, Sayo & Nara-chan. Easter is almost here again and this time, we have Haru-chan and her pet chick, Chioux, to join us for the celebration. Spring is Haru-chan’s favourite season of the year. She is a big fan of jelly-filled chocolate and cute little animals. […]

Molang the fat rabbit free amigurumi pattern

Make your own Molang the fat rabbit! Materials 2.50mm hook 8 ply yarn (white) Embroidery floss (dark brown) 1.75mm hook Darning needle 2 x small 4mm brads (dark brown) Pink felt or wool roving Polyester fiberfill Small pebbles or marbles (to weigh Molang-san down) Body With white yarn and a 2.50mm hook: Round 1: 6 […]

Pandapple from Sanrio free amigurumi pattern

Make your own special edition rainbow Pandapple-chan! Materials 2.50 mm hook 1.75mm hook Similar sized yarn in rose pink, white, black, apple green, pastel pink, pastel yellow, pastel green, pastel blue Embroidery thread in black and white Darning needle Carpet needle (with large eye and sharp tip) Polyester fiberfill A small piece of pink felt […]