Mei-chan loves Strawberry Shortcake. The fun-loving cartoon character first appeared as a greeting card design in 1977 – way before Mei-chan was born, of course. Strawberry Shortcake has since been given a makeover, evolving first into a tomboy-looking adventure-seeker, and later into a wide-eyed, pink-haired people-pleaser. Some of her friends from Strawberryland were also given […]

Kaonashi-chan and fatherhood

Kaonashi, which means “no-face” in Japanese, is a melancholic soul that appears in Spirited Away. It is a meat-lover, by choice. In the Japanese culture, there is a word that perfectly describes the design of the Kaonashi character. “Kimokawaii” refers to something that is grotesque to the point of being endearingly beautiful. Very Kaonashi indeed.  […]

The travelling soot

Spirited Away is one of Meimoirs’ favourite films. The 2001 Oscar-winning Japanese anime draws its inspiration from an Alice in Wonderland-like world of whimsiness, introducing us to countless multi-faceted characters. In one of the scenes, the susuwatari returns for a cameo – the tiny, black critters first appeared in My Neighbour Totoro and were known […]