Sidetrack: Ukulele + Amigurumi + MTV

Tomorrow is Malaysia Ukulele Day!

The ukulele is a miniature contraption that goes plunketty-plunk. Made popular in Hawaii, the craze for the toy-like instrument died down when the guitar rock-and-roll phenomenon arrived. In recent years however, more and more people have been giving up on the guitar in favour of the ukulele because it’s apparently a breeze to master! In Britain, certain primary schools are actually replacing the recorder with the ‘uke’, introducing it as the first instrument that children learn to play.

As a tribute to tomorrow’s event, let’s kick off with a video from YouTube on the Japanese ukulele duo, U900 – in their MTVs, they often appear as a bunny and bear amigurumi.

Wish we knew what they’re singing, but the clip is super kawaii all the same!


Gus-chan and clear blue skies

Gus-chan is a snowflake fuwa fuwa kuma (bear).

Originally from the North Pole, the fuzzy cutie now enjoys basking in the sun.

He has once said that while the clouds inspire his imagination, the rain that comes after washes them away.

white kuma amigurumei
Rain, rain, go away...come again another day...



Turtle-chan retires

They say time is like the circus – always packing up and moving away.

Turtle-chan used to work in the circus, until he got left behind.

He now spends his time picking strawberries, selling them for a song in return.

amigurumei crochet green
There's only two types of people in the world...The ones that entertain and the ones that observe...




Luna-chan and the Little Prince

While the others have tried telling Luna-chan that size doesn’t matter, the big bunny knows better.

You can often find her in a melancholic state at her favourite spot in the garden, pondering about the mysteries of life.

bunny amigurumei grey crochet
Why did God make me so big?
bunny amigurumei grey crochet
I wish I was the Little Prince. At least he had the fox for a friend.




Having been born in the year of the piggy, Meimoirs has this special affinity with all things oink-like. She grew up singing along to a nursery rhyme that goes something like this:

To market, to market to buy a fat pig; home again, home again, jiggety jig.

Adele and her son Adieu are French teacup pigs with bunnies for pets. It’s bright and early, and the two already have their day planned out – to the market it is.

amigurumei crochet bunny piglet teacup french
Three hours later... Adieu: Mom, are we there yet?

Kaonashi-chan and fatherhood

Kaonashi, which means “no-face” in Japanese, is a melancholic soul that appears in Spirited Away.

It is a meat-lover, by choice.

In the Japanese culture, there is a word that perfectly describes the design of the Kaonashi character. “Kimokawaii” refers to something that is grotesque to the point of being endearingly beautiful.

Very Kaonashi indeed. 

spirited away amigurumei crochet no face ghibli
Father Kaonashi-chan: I said meat, not mushrooms.



The travelling soot

Spirited Away is one of Meimoirs’ favourite films. The 2001 Oscar-winning Japanese anime draws its inspiration from an Alice in Wonderland-like world of whimsiness, introducing us to countless multi-faceted characters.

In one of the scenes, the susuwatari returns for a cameo – the tiny, black critters first appeared in My Neighbour Totoro and were known as dust bunnies or soot sprites. The name “susuwatari” literally means “travelling soot”.

They exist on petite rainbow-hued Japanese sweets called kompeito, a type of thank-you-for-coming gift by the Imperial House of Japan.

soot sprite dust bunny amigurumei crochet ghibli spirited away
They don't call us travelling soot sprites for nothing! Now turn off the lights before someone sees us!
amigurumei soot sprite ghibli spirited away
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