Little Twin Stars: Lala’s Hair Tutorial

Little Twin Stars: Lala’s Hair Tutorial

Hello my dear friends!

If you’ve been following along my adventures on Instagram via @amigurumei, you’ll remember that I promised to make a quick post on some tips for making the Little Twin Stars. And so here it is!

I must apologise that there seems to be a mistake printed for Lala’s Hair. You can find the rest of the pattern for Kiki and Lala in my book, Hello Kitty Crochet, but I will share the corrected Hair pattern for Lala here. I’m so sorry it took me this long to make this post!

Lala’s Hair

Use pink yarn.

Round 1: Sc 6 in magic ring {6}.

Round 2: [Inc] around {12}.

Round 3: [Inc, sc 1] around {18}.

Round 4: [Inc, sc 2] around {24}.

Round 5: [Inc, sc 3] around {30}.

Round 6: [Inc, sc 4] around {36}.

Round 7: [Inc, sc 5] around {42}.

Round 8-12: Sc around {42}.

Round 13: *5hdc, skip 1, sl st in next st, repeat from * 3 more times (total of 4 “waves”), sc 30 to end.

From here onwards, you will be working in rows.

Rows 14-16: Ch 1, turn work. Sc across {30}.

Rows 17: Ch 1, turn work. *5hdc, skip 1, sl st in next st, repeat from * 9 more times (total of 10 “waves”), sl st in last st.

Fasten off and secure hair to head with backstitches all around.

And I just realised that I may have used the wrong crochet terms for the Star Wands! Instead of triple crochet, I used dtr, and wasn’t clear that the sl st should be made in the same st. Here’s the correct one!

Star Wands

Make 2 with lemon yarn.

Round 1: Sc 5 in magic ring {5}.

Round 2: Triple crochet in the first st, ch 1, sl st in the same st.

Repeat 4 more times.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

For making the dresses, here’s a photo tutorial to show you how it should look before you flip the finished dress over the body piece.

Here’s a closer look at Kiki’s Hair. I like using the colour mint, but baby blue would look just as good 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this quick post! I post more often on Instagram so be sure to find me there @amigurumei 🙂

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