A first look at my book: Hello Kitty Crochet

A first look at my book: Hello Kitty Crochet

Hello Kitty Crochet by amiguruMEI

Are you guys excited? It’s about 15 days till the release of Hello Kitty Crochet!

I just received my advanced copies and I’m so pleased with them! I’m sure you will be too when your copy arrives!

If you still haven’t purchased a copy, you can do so by clicking on the book cover on the top right sidebar of this blog 🙂

Hello Kitty Crochet by amiguruMEI

Many have been asking me about the contents of the book. All I can say is: everybody loves a good surprise! Here you can see Chococat, My Melody, Hello Kitty, Keroppi and Badtz Maru. Just who else have made it into the book? Let me know your guesses!

Hello Kitty Crochet by amiguruMEI

I hope you like Miss Kitty White’s pattern! 🙂

Hello Kitty Crochet by amiguruMEI

I love how cute yet sturdy the book is! I had a great time working with senior designer Amanda Richmond of Quirk Books, who have been ever so accommodating with my still-developing photography skills. I think she did a fabulous job with the design!

Hello Kitty Crochet by amiguruMEI

It still feels like a dream that I have a book to my name, and one that is attached to Sanrio and Hello Kitty too!

P/S Please do let me confirm on the availability of the book in Asia, particularly in Malaysia and Singapore. If all goes well, I may just get to meet all you Hello Kitty fans at a book-signing event! Stay tuned 🙂


22 thoughts on “A first look at my book: Hello Kitty Crochet

  1. This looks so cute! Congrats on your first book! I’m so proud as a fellow Malaysian 🙂 I hope this will be available in local book stores, Kinokuniya perhaps? Would LOVE to join the book-signing event too! ❤

  2. I am sooo excited for you ( and me when I get this in the mail hehehe) I know I comment on everything but I am very happy to see that someone is taking something fun and making a book out of it! I could not even imagine making a pattern! I am very happy that I am able to purchase your patterns! I cannot wait to make everything! this is the first book I have ever pre-ordered! I am a huge fan of hello kitty regardless if she is a cat or a British girl haha.

  3. Hi Mei

    Congratulations on your first crochet book and looking at the photos, I can’t wait to get my own copy and start making my own Sanrio friends. Can I ask what brand of yarn did you use to make these cuties? As I would like my crochet project to end up looking like your lovely creations. It would be very much appreciated if you can let me know which yarns you used and colours. Thank you and looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Love Chloe

    1. Hi Chloe!

      I use a brand of yarn that is found in Malaysia. I’ve also been using the Moda Vera yarn from Spotlight Australia to achieve the same effect, if slightly bigger 🙂 Acrylic yarn is the way to go 🙂

  4. Hello, can I ask where do you buy the brads that you used in your projects from? As I’m finding it very hard to buy the correct ones as you use. Thank you.

    1. Hi Rissa!
      For now, the release date is only for the US. As for the UK, it will be Oct 9. Will definitely announce it on my blog when there’s a release date for Asian bookstores! 🙂

  5. How do you obtain the bonus patterns from the book? I purchased the book from iTunes and can’t find the patterns when I click the link from Quirk Books.

  6. I just got my book and I love it – congratulations!! Everything is really just sooo cute! :). I mistakenly ordered two copies and am very glad I did. The second copy will make a great gift!

  7. Hello Mei!
    I bought your book, and this is my first time making a full amigurumi (I’ve been practicing making shapes and magic circle for so long to prepare myself!). I love all the patterns….especially as you’ve included my favourite character..Tuxedo Sam and his icecreams!! I was wondering what weight of yarn you used for the amigurumis? I have acrylic yarn and cotton yarn in worsted weight, and some acrylic yarn thats also very thin just a little thicker then embroidery floss…a fingering weight yarn. I was wondering what weight would be best! Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Zainab, I’m glad you like my book! I tend to use yarn that is slightly thicker than a fingering weight yarn. Something that matches the size of a 2.5mm hook works best for me 🙂

  8. Hello! I love the book! I have a question: though you specify the size crochet hook that you use, there is no mention as to yarn weight. Could you please clarify the weights used on the projects in the book?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Annie! So glad you enjoy the book! Depending on which part of the world you are from, the name for the weight of the yarn can differ. Perhaps you. An try a DK weight or Aran/Sport Weight? 5ply or thicker will be great with a 2.3mm hook too 🙂 one easy way I use to gauge the size of yarn is to see if the thickness matches the size of the hook 🙂 With amigurumi, you don’t want really tight stitches so that there won’t be a lot of holes in your work…so any yarn that is slightly thicker than the hook size you are using would be great! Hope this helps!

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